Horse Lake First Nation Industry Relations Corporation (IRC) is Horse Lake First Nation's consultation office with industry and government in relation to proposed activities/projects on Treaty 8 territory. Horse Lake First Nation IRC works closely with Elders, Knowledge Holders, Land Users and Environmental Monitors in relation to assessing dispositions and large industrial projects proposed within Treaty 8 territory. Horse Lake First Nation IRC also works closely with Chief and Council on ensuring the interests of the Nation are at the forefront.

Since 2017, Horse Lake First Nation IRC has employed eleven (11) Elders, three (3) Knowledge Holders, and thirty-two (32) Environmental Monitors. Horse Lake First Nation also provides community sponsorships for Elders and Youth.

In 2018, Horse Lake First Nation IRC started a summer student program for environmental teachings that was well attended by membership. In addition, Horse Lake First Nation hosted a two (2) day trapper's course, an eleven (11) day environmental monitoring course, a two (2) day vegetation course and a one (1) day mapping and plant identification course. Furthermore, Horse Lake First Nation IRC administered three (3) ATV/UTV safety courses.

Horse Lake First Nation IRC is open from Monday to Friday 8:30AM to 4:30PM and has ten (10) salaried employees.

For more information, please contact:

Farrah Grey
Office: 780 356 2472
Cell: 780 831 6301

Erin Peters
Office: 780 356-2472