Our Story

Who We Are

The Horse Lake First Nation is headquartered near Hythe, Alberta. It is a party to Treaty 8, and is a member of the Western Cree Tribal Council. Despite being a member of the Western Cree regional council, the Horse Lake Nation is Linguistical y and culturally a part of the Danezaa or Beavers.

The Nation was formerly known as the Horse Lake Beaver Band, but "Beaver" was dropped from the formal name some years ago.

Consensus of the people was that they were all First Nations,whether they were Cree or Beaver, and felt it would be better to be known as Horse Lake First Nation.

The band has two reserves, Clear Hills 152C and Horse Lake 152B with a total Land base of 3,099.1 hectares (31 km2).

"We are all First Nations; it should not matter if you are Beaver, Blackfoot or Cree.
We are all First Nations and we all live here."